The Apalan Legacy

The Fall: Introduction
A New Adventure in Varisvaara

​The year is 3801.
The region of Varisvaara has enjoy relative peace for decades. Trade ties have grown, economies have flourished and a rich tapestry of civilized races has combined and diversified. The city of Tareen has grown more than any other hub into the greatest city of the region and the surrounding lands have benefited. But the world is still filled with horrors and threats unimaginable. 
One of these threats has been building for the past 2 years. Urgir is the Orc homeland and in the grips of Civil War. Two waring tribes have laid waste to each other like only Orcs can but their astronomical birth rates keep the armies well stocked. 
This war has been spreading and now encroaches on the free lands east of Urgir. Tareen has responded with defensive lines but the town of Renchurch has suffered the worst of it. Their trade and access routes South have been blockaded by one of the Orc tribes and they suffer heavy taxation by force. You have all found yourselves in Renchurch in the midst of this conflict and while unknown to each other, you each share a mysterious connection that you have yet to discover…​


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